Enjoy viral marketing

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3 Antworten zu Enjoy viral marketing

  1. johncoxon sagt:

    Did you read Simo’s comment on it from his Planet Magrathea site? He didn’t seem too impressed…

  2. tillwe sagt:

    You mean, this one from Planet Magrathea?

    26th January 2005
    Since I‹m receiving stacks of e-mails about it, I might as well mention this site. It is evidently inspired by Hitchhiker’s Guide (but so is half the internet) and may be some sort of ›viral marketing‹ for the movie. You can download a screensaver which apparently has a picture of Marvin and a countdown towards 6th May. I say ›apparently‹ because I have no intention of downloading anything from some anonymous website, thank you very much. The site is evidently owned by this disreputable looking company.

    No, I didn‹t. But I also didn’t download the screensavers, mostly for the same reason. On the other hand, this entry could also be a joke from Simo, just putting oil in the viral market fire.

  3. tillwe sagt:

    Oh, and while we are at it: HHGTTG movie action figures – unbelieveable … (see: http://www.planetmagrathea.com/toys.html)

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