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  1. You mean, this one from Pla­net Magra­thea?

    26th Janu­ary 2005
    Sin­ce I’m recei­ving stacks of e‑mails about it, I might as well men­ti­on this site. It is evi­dent­ly inspi­red by Hitchhiker’s Gui­de (but so is half the inter­net) and may be some sort of ‚viral mar­ke­ting‘ for the movie. You can down­load a screen­sa­ver which appar­ent­ly has a pic­tu­re of Mar­vin and a count­down towards 6th May. I say ‚appar­ent­ly‘ becau­se I have no inten­ti­on of down­loa­ding any­thing from some anony­mous web­site, thank you very much. The site is evi­dent­ly owned by this dis­re­pu­ta­ble loo­king company.

    No, I did­n’t. But I also did­n’t down­load the screen­sa­vers, most­ly for the same reason. On the other hand, this ent­ry could also be a joke from Simo, just put­ting oil in the viral mar­ket fire.

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