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Short version: Till Westermayer (born 1975) is a sociologist (M.A., 2001, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg) and political activist with the German Green Party, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (e.g. as speaker of the Federal Working Group on Science, Technology and Higher education policies from 2007 to 2019). Since September 2011 he works as »Parliamentary Advisor« for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament. Until December 2018, his responsibilities included the fields of science and resarch policy, higher education, arts and culture, media and internet policy. From January 2019 onwards he is the Parliamentary Advisor for strategy and fundamental issues for the parliamentary party in Baden-Württemberg.


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Angela portraitiert Till VII
Till Westermayer

I grew up in a green alternative family. The youth environmental movement was another not quite unimportant factor in my socialisation (as were two political organziations, Grün-Alternative Jugend and JungdemokratInnen).

My political foundation is left-liberal and emancipatory (in a broad sense): freedom, democracy and civil rights are central, but to make use of this rights, politics has to ask questions of justice and fairness. And finds an answer in the idea of a basic income as way to secure cultural, societal and political participation in late modern societies. To make individual freedom politically possible means to rebut deep-laying prejudices (e.g. about the idea that women and men are different). Finally all freedom is useless if our planetary basis of life will be destroyed. Thus we need political ecology. I find both ideas in the agenda of the green party, thus I am involved there in various functions.

I have studied sociology (as major, with computer science and psychology as minors) in Freiburg, where I live with two kids, even if I work in Stuttgart. Before becoming consultant for the green party in the state parliament, I worked as sociologist in various third-party funded projects, and I started a PhD project. Topics I find interesting include sociology of everyday life and the theory of practice, (sustainable) styles of living, urbanity, utopias, new media, technology, and gender. Fitting with these research interests I spend time with reading ambitious science fiction. Or with the internet. I also write a bit and take photographs.

Finally: to write »Till Westermeyer« is wrong, but nowadays Google is intelligent enough to find me nevertheless ;-)

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